Google Shopping advertising

Google shopping brings ready-to-buy traffic to your online store with a high conversion rate. Google Shopping ads appear at the top of the search page and those ads always include a picture, the price and the name of your product.

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The Google Shopping ad clickthrough rate is up to 3 times better than a text ad (Google Ads)

With Google Shopping advertising you can promote your online or brick and mortar store’s products directly in Google’s search results. Shopping ads appear in the Google search results like normal text ads, which is how your potential customers can search, compare and buy your products on Google. The ads will represent the name, image, price, as well as possible star ratings of your product – like in any other online shop.

Therefore, Google Shopping is intended to advertise physical products, which is why it is not suitable for service advertising.

The media budget of Google Shopping will be used in the same way as in Google ads, namely, with the price per click. The click through prices of Shopping ads are at the same level as Ads advertisements.

Globally, 85% of paid traffic coming through Google comes from Shopping ads.

Who’s Google Ads for?

Google Shopping advertising is a goldmine for large online stores, but we also encourage smaller online stores to try it. Google Shopping came to Finland in the beginning of June 2019, and it should be utilized.

By clicking a shopping ad, your customer is directly linked to your website’s product page, where the customer can add the product in their shopping chart. This is how the purchase of the product will be significantly faster.

Google Shopping requires a functional product in the product feed in order to work.

Before starting the campaign, the product feed has to function properly. If you are already conducting dynamic remarketing with Google, your product feed is working. If the product feed still has to be built, we can help you.

There have to be clear product names and descriptions, as well as prices, in the product feed.

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With Google Shopping you will reach people who are interested in your products or brands that you are selling, which is even more effective because advertising can be accurately targeted with keywords.

Your customers will see the image, name, price, and rating of your product on the Google results front page, and the customer will not click on your website if your product does not match with what they are looking for. This is how you will not pay for useless clicks.

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What our customers say

“The e-commerce was launched as agreed and sales started to increase from the very first day. We have been very satisfied with the cooperation with SDM.”

Timo Saari
Nordic Hair House

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Google Shopping according to the MRACE framework

We influence the reach phase of the MRACE model with Google Shopping.

With Shopping advertisements, you get the image, price, name, ratings, and score of your product right straight away. With the help of visuality, the ads differentiate well with the search results page, which is how the customers immediately see what kind of products you offer. This decreases the number of useless clicks and increases the number of the kind of clicks that lead to the purchase of your product.

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Benefits of Google Shopping advertising:

  1. Very good ROAS
  2. Bring more ready-to-buy traffic to your store
  3. Wider reach
  4. Managing the business portal is easy
  5. Differentiate from your competitors by participating in Finland’s first Google Shopping wave

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