If you want to reach specific business leaders or target groups in a specific business field, LinkedIn marketing is the solution for you. With LinkedIn marketing you can get your company’s message visible to exactly the right people.

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With LinkedIn marketing you will reach certain decision makers and people, who are relevant for your business.

With LinkedIn marketing you can reach your target groups very precisely. For example, we can target your marketing to:

  • working title
  • company’s name
  • company’s size
  • amount of employees
  • business field
  • or expertise

Thus, advertising will be seen among precise targeted people, making it very effectively.

In addition to generating leads, LinkedIn works as an excellent recruitment channel to find new talents for your company, because we can target your recruitment advertising based on the person’s expertise or working title.

Who is LinkedIn marketing for?

LinkedIn marketing is suitable for your company if the average life cycle value of your average sales or customer is relatively high, or if you aim to reach a very precise and limited target group. Advertising on LinkedIn is clearly more expensive than on Instagram or Facebook and it is not unusual for the clicking prices for advertisement to be 6-10 euros. That is why your average life cycle value of your average sales or customer should be reasonable.

You should not only stare at the clicking price, because the leads which are acquired through LinkedIn are of high-quality thanks to the precise targeting. The higher-quality leads take less resources from sales, making them more efficient. That is why you should consider paying extra for the high-quality leads.

LinkedIn is the most suitable for B2B companies. However, we also recommend to use Facebook and Instagram marketing besides LinkedIn because your customers are on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously, even though they are not the most important decision makers.

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In the best case scenario, we can only target your advertisements to a small number of people, when your advertisements can directly address these people.

Thanks to precise targeting, only a limited target group will see your advertisements, when the quality of the leads will be significantly better than usual.

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LinkedIn marketing according to MRACE framework

With LinkedIn marketing we influence the entire MRACE framework, from reaching the customer to engaging. Social media strategy is the core of LinkedIn marketing. With this strategy we define our buying personas, execute a marketing- and competitor analysis, create content and advertising plans, and identify marketing metrics for each phase of the buying process.

We can build the marketing around your customers with the help of social media strategy, which is helping the customer to do the right buying decisions.

The social media strategy can also be adapted to Facebook and Instagram marketing.

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  1. Advertise to a very precise target group
  2. Generate quality leads
  3. Make measurable deals
  4. Increase your company awareness among the most important target groups of your company
  5. Develop your brand through company awareness

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