Visual design

Visual design determines what kind of first impression your company gives off to your customers. You can only make a first impression once, which is why it is important from the beginning for you to steer your customers’ thoughts in the direction that you want.

The purpose of visual design is to support and clarify the message you want to provide through colors, layout, fonts, photographs, and other graphics. This improves the customers’ user experience on your website and leads the customers’ actions as desired.

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Visual design strengthens your brand and supports your overall marketing activities

How does visual design enhance marketing?

Trust is one of the most important things woch has an influence on the customer’s buying decision. If the customer doesn’t trust you, he or she will not make a purchase. One of the most effective ways to increase the trust is a convincing and coherent look which the customer can recognise in your advertisements, downloadable materials, offers, and website. A unified look creates the feeling of familiarity which increases trust.

If your visual look is not unified, it is the same as a restaurant which seems Chinese on the outside, Italian on the inside, and the menu consists of hamburgers. When your visual look is unified both in your advertising and on your website, you provide a clearer picture of your company and you communicate a unique competitive advantage.

Therefore visual design enhances all other marketing activities significantly. Here are some examples.

Content marketing

Content and visuality go hand in hand. You create a strong image of your company, as well your product or service, when content and visuality support each other and communicate the same themes. Contradictions confuse your customers.


With visuality you can add clarity and user-friendliness to your website, which makes your customers stay longer on your website and get them more acquainted with your company and services. As an example, using recognisable icons and clarifying navigation gets the customer to further browse your website.

Conversion optimisation

With visual elements you can lead the customer to do the desired actions. One very simple example is that changing the colour of your landing page’s most important button to make it more recognisable, the customer will be more likely to click it.

Google Display and social media marketing

By maintaining the same visual look in different channels, you improve the recognition of your business. This is how the customer learns to recognise your company in their social media newsfeed or on a banner advertisement on a sports website. It especially improves the advertising result in the long run.

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A unified brand image makes you recognisable in any channel. This way, the customer learns to recognise your brand, which makes your advertising more effective.

When your visual look is carefully thought out you give your customer a valuable and reliable image from the very first sight.

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Visual design according to MRACE framework

Visual design has an influence on each MRACE framework phase, from reaching the customer to engaging the customer.

Buyer personas are always in the basis of visual design, because we create your visual look for your customers. With the buyer personas we learn what kind of things your customers are interested in and which kind of drivers steer their buying decision. Therefore, we strive to plan your visual design in a way that there are attractive factors that get their attention.

We also research your competitors to find a typical visual look of your business field. In this way, we make your look recognisable in your business field, however, in a way so that you will stand out from the grey mass.

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  1. Unify your look on different channels
  2. Speed up the buying process
  3. Earn your customer’s trust
  4. Stand out from your competitors
  5. Give a good first impression

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