Content marketing

You develop your brand and generate sales-ready leads to your sales team with content marketing.

In addition, you improve the overall results from your other digital marketing activities. The better your content sells your services, the higher conversion rate your website generates leads. Therefore, all other marketing activities are more profitable as well, because traffic that ends up on your website is more likely to turn into leads.

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Content marketing is the core of digital marketing

Why is content marketing profitable?

89 %

customers start their buying process in search engines

81 %

customers do individual research prior to contacting

These numbers mean that your company’s website should include a lot of content, so that you will be found at the top of the Google search results and so that your customers can get familiar with your services on your website, instead of your competitors’ website.

If buying your product requires consideration, information retrieval and comparing from the customer, content marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing for your company, as your customers do a lot of independent information retrieval before contacting your sales team. If they cannot find the necessary information on your website, they will find it from your competitors.

Content marketing cannot be turned off. If you stop to do any marketing for some reason, your search engine optimized content would still bring you constantly revenue through the years.

None of your customers buy your product or service because of good advertisement, but they do so because of good content.

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Your content attracts visitors from the search engines, links with the help of both organic and paid social media advertising.

According to studies, companies that do content marketing have 600% higher number of leads compared to companies that do not do any content marketing at all.

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Content marketing based on our MRACE model

All of the content we write is based on the buying processes of your buying personas. In this way, your marketing is genuinely customer-oriented and it leads your customers’ buying decisions.

When we know your buying persona and the factors that drive their buying processes, we have the perfect resources to write content, which helps to remove barriers from buying, answer questions that your customers consider, and explain as why they should choose you instead of your competitors.

This is important because we cannot change your buying personas’ buying processes, but we can lead the processes to the desired direction with the right kind of content. For that purpose, we have created a content marketing entirety that is based on our MRACE model that we use.

The entirety is called “the evergreen lead generator” (Ikivihreä liidimylly).

The lead generator creates demand for your services, differentiates your brand from your competitors, and generates leads for you, regardless of the channel that the visitors came from.

mrace markkinonti malli

Frequently asked questions

How are you able to write about our business field?

We interview you and another specialist for 15-30 minutes about the topic that we are going to write. In addition, we do a background research by getting to know other materials as well as your competitors’ content. In this way, we get a wider picture about your business field, as well as services that you provide.

After writing, we send the text to you so that you can check the content, and after that we do an editing round. In our history, we have yet to face complex texts.

How long should the text be?

The length of text depends on the context. Blog posts, product- and service pages, as well as articles should be at least 500 words so that they can be visible in Google’s search results.

Downloadable guides and case studies are recommended to be at least 2.000 words, which means around eight pages of text.

How our brand does develop with content marketing?

There are three ways to develop your brand:

  1. Your brand develops mainly along with your customer base. When we target the content marketing based on the buyer personas to your main target group, they attract more similar customers as they are by themselves, which creates a positive snow ball effect considering your brand development.
  2. We highlight your unique brand image during the purchase journey based on the buying personas. When we repeat your brand proposition in your content, the customer compares user experience to your brand proposition, while buying your product or service. If your brand proposition confirms to be similar, your customer experience is strong and you will be branded in their eyes just like how we have promised in your content.
  3. Your company’s tone of voice is a factor to differentiate from your competitors and create an identity between your company and your target groups. You can also combine the desired images of your company with the tone of voice. Practically, your website tone of voice means how your content is written, as well as what kind of word choices and writing style you use.


  1. You improve the results that come from other digital channels
  2. You develop your brand in the right direction
  3. You collect your desired customer base
  4. You increase the number of leads
  5. You create a steady base for your overall digital marketing

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