Marketing automation

You can make your marketing timelier and more personalized with marketing automation, leading to your leads becoming more ready and your existing customers more engaged.

Data through automation informs your sales about the perfect time a lead or a customer should be contacted. Then, your sales department uses their time efficiently and in the best possible way.

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With marketing automation, you unify your sales and marketing processes

The role of timely and personalized marketing is bigger than ever because your customers live in the middle of a constant flood of messages. They will not read, click or view the content, if they do not feel it appeals to them or is not adjusted to their current needs. Therefore, your marketing should be more personalized and timelier.

Marketing automation is the scaling of personalized marketing. Automation collects data, segments your contact based on the collected data, and sends them messages. When your contact responds to the messages as desired, or performs desired actions on your website, sales can contact the customer instantly.

Marketing automation makes your leads ready, while meanwhile your sales can contact leads, which are already capable of purchasing.

Why is marketing automation useful?

91 %

of users of marketing automation reported that automation is a “very important” part of the totality of digital marketing

74 %

of marketers reported that saving time is one of the most important benefits of marketing automation

Marketing automation is not only about sending automated emails. The biggest part of marketing automation consists of internal automation that is not visible to your customers. The automation segments your leads, evaluates them, and elevates the hottest leads to the top of your sales’ call list. It saves you time, makes marketing more personalized, and therefore, it also improves the customer experience.

The most important thing is that marketing automation brings all your generated leads from different channels together. This is how your marketing stays controlled, measurable and unified, whether the lead was generated through Facebook, Google, or a recommendation.

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We increase the size of your contact list through content marketing in order to make marketing automation as effective as possible.

We warm up your leads through automated and segmented email sets.

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Marketing automation according to MRACE framework

With marketing automation, we take the MRACE model’s convert and engage phases into action. Marketing automation is an important part of the whole MRACE model because with its help, generated leads in the reach and act phases will be kept within the scope of your marketing, which invariably improves the results from digital marketing.

Based on the MRACE model we support customers buying decision providing the customer timely and relevant content directly in an email. Automations will continue based on the actions of customers. This way we ensure that the customer won’t get either too many or too few messages.

Marketing automation will not automize your whole marketing activities, but it eliminates repetitive tasks, makes marketing more personalized on a larger scale, and makes your sales process more effective. Marketing automation only works, if the content creation of your company is based on the content strategy.

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  1. Do more segmented email marketing
  2. Generate your salespersons with more attractive deals
  3. Improve your customer experience
  4. Engage your customers with your company
  5. Automatize routine tasks

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