Search engine optimization

With search engine optimization you will be found on Google before your competitors and you get more visibility, traffic, as well as deals.

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Search engine optimization enhances all of you marketing activities and increases your sales

Why is search engine optimization profitable?

88 %

your customers start searching for the product or service on the search engines

89 %

customers only read the first page of search results

If you are not found on the first page, only a few customers find the services of your company.

With search engine optimization we push you higher in the search results, increase the number of your website visitors, and bring sales by developing the technical implementation of the website as well as content. When we elevate your website in the search results, there will be more buying visitors for free.

High search rankings = Free visitor flow = Ongoing marketing

Search engine optimization cannot be turned off. When you rise with the keywords that are important to you, your marketing is on, even if you do not add another euro. In this way, the search engine optimization makes your marketing more predictable, which makes your budgeting easier and decreases the need of single campaigns.

Search engine optimization is the basis of digital marketing.

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The most frequently asked questions of search engine optimization

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is a digital marketing tool which helps you to improve your rankings in the search engine results pages. The higher your website is on Google’s results, the more likely people will click on the search results to your website, for example.

Successful search engine optimization requires three things: the website has to technically work right, there have to be many links from other pages to your website, and the content of your website has to respond to the search word. The content should be at least 500 words per page so that the page is relevant to the search engines.

Why should you do search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is recommendable, because with the help of Google’s results you get free traffic to your website. If your website succeeds in converting visitors to request offers, then the traffic turns into money.

Search engine optimization cannot be turned off when you have achieved your goals, but rather shows the importance during financially difficult times. As an example, if your website’s search engine optimization is done right, you will get a lot of traffic even if you do not put money into marketing.

Through search engine optimization we get so much traffic that we do not have to pay for marketing anymore. Still the number of our website traffic would correspond to such big numbers to getting the same traffic with paid advertising, which would cost half a million.

How does search engine optimization work

Search engine optimization is based on the search engine algorithm. Search engines have automated “spiders” that browse the internet 24/7 at tremendous speed. These “spiders” map the internet in the same way as astronomers map the universe.

“Spiders” collect data from your page, read the content, check the technical functionalities and in this way, determine how well your website corresponds to the keyword that the user of search engine uses. In addition, they survey speed, title tags, social signals, internal, as well as external linking of your website.

If your website does not work right technically, Google’s “spiders” cannot have access to your website, which is why your website cannot be found on the search engine at all. If your website works right, but the content does not match with the search of the user of search engine, the “spider” cannot elevate your website into a high position in the search results and your customers will not find your website.

Search engine optimization consists of hundreds of small matters that Google’s “spiders” observe in your website daily as well. Therefore, you should continuously do search engine optimization so Google’s “spiders” are satisfied with your website and your website will be the most relevant in your business field.

How do we generate leads through search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization generates leads so search engine optimized content creates purchase journeys to your website. A purchase journey must always end with an offer request or downloading a guide, for example. Here is an example of a purchase journey. Your customer googles “how to generate leads”. You have written an article “10 ways to generate leads”. Your customer ends up reading your article.

There is also a link in your article to your guide’s downloading page. The guide is named “Leads generation with search engine optimization”. The customer is interested in the guide and downloads it, and the customer left their contact information as well. Now you can inquire about the interests towards your services by phone or email.

How does search engine optimization of online store work

Online store’s search engine optimization consists of the same elements as any other website’s search engine optimization. An online store must work right technically, other pages must have links to this website, and there has to be lot of content.

Product pages, category pages and blog articles are good places to write the content that responds to the search. The more competitive the keyword is, the more we recommend writing content. If the keyword is very competitive, there have to be over 1000 words.

What are long-tail keywords?

Long-tail keywords are keywords with less competition. Often it means that a person who searches with a long-tail keyword, is looking for a very specific product. For example, “sneakers” is not a long-tail keyword, but a main keyword.

>””Green sneakers for cross-country running” is an example of a long-tail keyword. A person who is using this kind of keyword has clearly decided that they want to have green sneakers that are fit for cross-country running. This is why ranking with that kind of keyword can be even more effective than with an indefinite and large keyword.

How quickly do rankings rise?

Increasing of rankings is not predictable because it completely depends on the technical functionality and the content of the website, as well as the competition with the concerned keyword. Rising in rankings can take up to a week or up to many years. The rule of thumb could be that the results of a determined search engine optimization can be seen in 3 months and yield results in 12 months.

How does gettin linkages work, and why is it important??

There are many ways to get linkages. The best ones are still the following three:

  1. Write good content so that others want to link to your page
  2. Ask for your business partners to link to your page
  3. Write a visitor blog for others on the condition that they give a link to your website

Linkages to your website are a sign of trust in Google’s eyes. The bigger and more reliable the website with a linkage to your website, the bigger the statement of confidence from the linkage is for Google. One could say that Google thinks:” If so many companies and pages have a linkage to this website, it has to be good. I will increase the ranking of the website in the search results so that everyone can see it!”

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is, based on its name; it is a survey of keywords that your customers use while searching for your or your competitors’ services. A search engine survey helps you to find out what your ranking with each keyword is, how competitive a keyword is, and how many searches it has weekly.

With keyword research you can focus on content creation around the most important keywords and increase your website’s rankings in the search results with the keywords that your customers are using to find your services.

You will be found with as many keywords as possible which are related to your business industry, which improves your visibility and brand.

The potential of your website increases the more of a free customer flow you get.

Your sales generate more leads with the help of a technically working, conversion optimized, and content-rich website.

You will get more deals because of the content of your website, which sells your product and directs the reader to ask for an offer.

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What do our customers say

The cooperation with Digimarkkinointi has been exemplary from the beginning and it has been easy to work with them on both small, as well as large projects. In addition to their digital know-how, they have a strong understanding about how the business goals will genuinely be supported with digital actions.

Anssi Huisman, CMO

Alexandria Pankkiiriliike Oyj

The conversion rate of our website has increased during our cooperation by over 60%, which is very significant from a business point of view, because our products and services are large and therefore, also expensive entities.

Harri Jääskeläinen

KotiSun Oy

Our cooperation project is still halfway, but the number of visitors and visibility have already increased enormously. The organic visitor flow of our website increased by 97% during the first half year, which means it almost doubled with the help of search engine optimization, for example.

Kasperi Leppänen, CMO

Prima-rakentajat Oy

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Traditionally, search engine optimization only focuses on increasing your rankings in the search results. However, the importance of increased rankings is quite small if the visitor flow is not seen in the company’s revenue.

That is why by developing the search engine optimization we develop the whole purchase journey, from the search results to the purchase.

mrace markkinonti malli



Search engine optimization consists of many different things, which is why it often raises questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

We renew our website. How do we ensure that our rankings do not drop?

Nothing is as worse of a situation as when you renew your website with a lot of money and then right after renewing, the number of visitors drops. Our task is to ensure that this will not happen to your website. While renewing the website, particular attention should be paid to the structure, URL structure, URL addresses, content, and meta data of the website.

We also renewed our own website in December 2019, and our search rankings did not decrease at all.

Our website is slow. How does search engine optimization make it quicker?

The speed of the website is one of the most significant things that has an influence on search engine optimization. Therefore, we speed up your website with the technical realization of your website. The website can be slow, if:

  • The server is slow
  • Images are too large
  • The website code is not compressed
  • Too many files have been downloaded to the browser
  • Too many active add-ons (WordPress)

Search engine optimization repairs all of these.

What kind of keywords do our customers search us with?

At the beginning of the project, we do keyword research. With the help of that. you can find out all monthly search volumes per keyword related to your business industry, as well as your rankings of those keywords.

The keyword research directs our content creation plan. When we write content for the keywords that have been revealed in the keyword research, you will rise in the search results with the keywords that are important to you.

How do you increase the number of offer requests with just text?

We write the text based on the keyword research and buyer personas, which leads to helping the buying personas’ buying processes.

We find out the most significant things that have an influence on the buyer personas’ buying decisions. We take the benefit of the drivers in each content, which means that we take an advantage of the biggest needs of the customer and then channel it to buy your product.

In each content we catch the buyer persona’s interest in the next content they move forward on the purchase journey.

How do we know, if we need search engine optimization?

We do free search engine optimization audits for companies from which their revenue is over 1 million euros.

With the audit you can find out in which areas you have the best opportunities to develop, and which areas prevent your search results rankings. Audition is a brief 10-sided situation analysis of your website’s current state. It is free and does not obligate you to anything. Ask for a free audition here.

You get website visitors, but they do not turn into leads. What is going to help?

Often the problem lies in three areas: 1) The content does not convince the reader 2) The user experience is poor on the website or lead acquisition methods are lacking 3) The website does not work right technically, and it is slow.

Our search engine optimization products consider all of these three areas. 1) We write content that speaks to your buyer personas and makes them interested in your products. 2) We will improve the user experience of your website through heat map analysis and conversion optimization. 3) We develop the technical functionality and speed of your website through technical search engine optimization.

Can we rise above companies that are bigger than us in the search results?


  1. Direct customers who are willing to buy from your website
  2. Makes your marketing more predictable
  3. Decreases the need of single campaigns
  4. Is constantly active, although there were no ongoing investments
  5. It also improves the results you get from other channels with the development of the website.

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    Search engine optimization is the most important element of digital marketing because it enhances all of your marketing activities.

    Thanks to search engine optimization, thousands and tens of thousands of customers who constantly want to buy, flow to your website for free because you will be found higher in the search results.

    The task of the marketing manager is to direct these customer masses to the desired channels, such as mailing lists, campaigns, the company’s social media channels and – of course, most importantly – towards the deal.

    Your rankings in the search results will never stay stable, they will either fall or rise.

    That, what they do, is your decision.

    Search engine optimization makes marketing more predictable

    Increased traffic will give you accurate data on which marketing activities work on your website and which do not.

    As a result, marketing is no longer about guessing but instead, the money in the marketing budget can be invested in those channels that bring the greatest benefit. In this way, marketing investments are justified because they have a clear return expectation and marketing can be scaled.

    Steady growth and continuous results create a foundation for the marketing strategy, which serves as a basis for all other marketing activities.

    We have a comprehensive and customized search engine optimization package that is easy to integrate into an already existing marketing strategy, or even a whole new marketing strategy can be built as well.

    How does our search engine optimization differ from a typical search engine optimization?

    We increase your sales – not only the number of visitors.

    Too often, the website traffic will be found as a successful metrics for search engine optimization. Of course, this is true in its simplicity, but if you want that search engine optimization to bring money to your company, this matter should be looked at more strategically.

    What is the meaning of the increased number of visitors from a business point of view? What if the number of visitors will double, on what will it have an impact? Will the sales made through the website also double?

    These questions are impossible to answer when we only measure the number of visitors. And if we only measure the number of visitors, it is likely for the only focus to be on increasing the number of visitors – not sales. Just an increasing number of visitors does not necessarily bring you more money.

    We consider search engine optimization as a whole and as a more strategic measurement that can bring a great part of the ready-to-buy target group to your company’s website.

    What kind of parts does search engine optimization consist of?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means optimizing the website in a way so that the website brings as much as possible organic traffic, as well as free traffic, through the search engines.

    With search engine optimization your website will be ranked higher on Google and get more visitors.

    The basis of optimization is finding the most relevant keywords. External and internal matters of the website will be modified with the help of the chosen keywords.

    A well-built, linked, and content-packed website is a solid foundation for search engine optimization. With content strategy, linkages, and structure, we build paths to help the customer to find you. At the same time, guides will be targeted and defined and your website will be modified to attract your target group.

    Keyword research is the starting point for search engine optimization.

    The goal of keyword research is to create a comprehensive list of the keywords that will be used for searching the products or services that you offer. The purpose is to create a website that is based on keywords, which is easy to navigate, and whereby the structure supports the content.

    Speak the same language with your audience

    The goal of the content is to clarify the most relevant questions of your business industry to your audience in the same language, style, and words that your audience use. When mapping the keywords, you should think about what way your marketing field language is, in relation to your audience’s style, needs and preferences.

    The internal factors of the website attract and make you feel comfortable

    In its simplicity, on page optimizing means all these activities that you do on your page that help or hurt your ranking in search results. Code, structure, and content are the three most significant internal factors.

    The website code stores your value

    With flawless, high-quality code you avoid illogicalities. By focusing on titles and descriptions you ensure that Google can crawl your website as effective and comprehensively as possible. A strong internal link and website structure are a great help.

    The structure of the website relies on the content

    The structure is closely related to the content. In the same way that the purpose of the building affects its shape and structures: a detached house and an indoor swimming pool require very different floor plans. Together, the structure and content affect your readability, visibility, and discoverability.

    Internal links support the structure

    Internal links strengthen the structure of your website and lead the visitor to venture deeper into your website and stay with your content longer. The importance of the internal link structure of a website should not be underestimated because when it is outstandingly implemented, it improves the search engine ranking. Internal links tell Google which pages on your website are important.

    Content makes you visible

    Search engine optimization cannot be separated from content creation. Without quality content it is difficult to elevate in high-ranking positions among your industry’s relevant and current topics. Few people look for a shop that has nothing to offer.

    Google transmits information and the content of website is the value that Google transmits to its users. The most easily understood information by Google is text, which is why textual content is important for search engine visibility.

    Linkages are recommendations

    How many and what kind of links are created to and from your website has an invaluable effect. Links affect your reputation, and your success in Google searches depends on who links to your website and how. In addition, links from relevant websites to yours give more weight to your website and increase your credibility and visibility in the searches in your industry.

    Imagine that the links are recommendations that other people give for your website. Who would you like to recommend your website to and in which way? And who would you like to be recommended to? Quality revolves around a high-quality company, so quality content is definitely one of the most important reputation builders on your website, and quality links will tell about your appreciation among the players of your business industry.

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    We have worked with search engine optimization for ten years and based on that, we have developed successful optimization strategies as well. Our optimization strategies are based on outstanding content and technical changes of the website. In this way, we ensure that search engine visibility will also last after the campaign.

    Search engine optimization is constantly changing and we follow its development closely daily. We are hungry to test different kind of theories and we want to stay at the top of the development.

    Our principle is to work according to Google’s recommendations. Therefore, we do not risk the search engine visibility of our customers by breaking Google’s rules. We produce our reports exact and right on time. With similar accuracy, we also produce trackable results, so you can see exactly where you spend your money and what it brings you.

    It is proven that we provide profitable search engine optimization in Finland. We are happy to help you to reach your customers and develop your marketing.