Video marketing

Most of our buying decisions are emotional. Without emotion there wouldn’t be any interest in buying. Using video allows to tell you about your service or product more precisely in a way that evokes emotions.

With video you can get your customer’s attention, entice them to visit your website, and teach the customer how your product or service works. Video marketing is one of the best ways to stand out from the company’s competitors.

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We execute video campaigns together with Rulla Media.

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Video marketing turns your story into sales.

Why should you invest in video marketing?

Video marketing is an excellent way to stand out from your competitors.

In addition, some people like to watch videos, some listen to podcasts and some read. When you provide your customers with a possibility to enjoy content in the form they want, you have an advantage over your competitors that communicate unilaterally.

With video marketing you enhance your company’s visibility as well. After Google, YouTube is the second popular search engine. People still research even more varied information in YouTube.

YouTube videos pop up to Google’s front page. With video, the position of the front page is much easier to earn than with textual content, because most of the keywords are not that competitive in videos yet.

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Videos will catch your audience’s attention and direct them to your website. By increasing the number of traffic we create more opportunities to make deals.

You can use videos like a filter that separate potential customers from mass. You can also launch or advertise material that demand the customer to leave their contact information when they download it.

In the video you introduce your product or service so spectacularly that your customers find it mouth-watering. Buying decision are essentially always based on emotions and a video is emotional media.

We do not only talk about your actions, but we show them. When a customer can see with their own eyes what is happening behind the scenes – who is working in your company, who your customers are, and how you work together – it is easy to trust you, even if you have never met before.

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Video marketing according to MRACE framework

Modern online video marketing can be targeted, and its results can be measured precisely. Even if we cannot change the customer’s buying process, we can try to understand and benefit from it.

We always plan your video marketing according to your customer’s purchase journey. When we know who we want to reach, and at what point of the customer’s purchase journey we want to achieve the operations, we can plan the appropriate video content.

We can awake the customer’s attention, remove barriers to buy, answer questions that concerns them, teach them how to use your product or services even better, and argument as to why they should be your customers. With the videos we can give a sneak peek into your organisation’s culture and show why they should employ you for work.

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Video marketing consists of many aspects, which is why it often raises questions. Here you can find some of the most common questions.

How can you produce a video about our speciality?

An understanding of your business field, sales process, and customers is based on in-depth groundwork. All of our customerships begin with a starting interview. We survey your company’s goals, distribution channels, and audiences. We go through which feelings we want to evoke from the audience and what the cornerstones are of your communication.

Based on the starting interview we develop a production plan and script. We go through the plan before we start the filming itself. Video marketing is always teamwork.

How long should the video be?

Only one right time duration of a video does not exist. The right time duration totally depends on the context: the phase of purchase journey, target audience, content, as well as distribution channels. Contrary to popular belief, long videos also work well in video marketing.

The rule of thumb could be that it is recommended to have several different videos which have different time durations from the same material and then let the data show which time duration is the best. Therefore, we always make at least two videos for our customers: a long and a short version.

Take a look at successful video productions on the website of Rulla Media.

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  1. Build trust
  2. Show what you do – don’t just communicate it
  3. Differentiate from your competitors
  4. Bring your company closer to the customer
  5. Arise your customer’s interest in every channel

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