Email marketing

Email marketing through direct emails is one way to reach an existing or a potential customer. Email marketing works in both B2C and B2B marketing and it is one of the most cost-effective forms of digital marketing.

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Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing, if your list is healthy and your message is well-targeted.

The most important part of starting email marketing is that your customers have joined your email list voluntarily. They have either subscribed to your newsletter or downloaded a buyer’s guide, for instance. Email marketing is quite ineffective for cold and purchased lists and through GDPR it is not even allowed to do lists like this in B2C industry, except in a few cases.

Email marketing should be well-targeted, which means that the message brings added value to the recipient. One common mass message is not even close to being as effective as one precisely targeted message based on the recipient’s interests.

Proper and effective email marketing is measurable and clearly trackable. The results of measurements give the marketer direct feedback about how the message has worked and how the quality of their own marketing could be improved.

Why is email marketing useful?

With email marketing you will get your customer’s undivided attention to your company.

The effectivity of digital marketing can be compared through ROI (Return On Investment). With current metrics, email marketing has the highest ROI value. According to several studies, email marketing had an average ROI of 3800% in different companies. In other words, every invested euro returned back 38 times. However, email marketing has to be done diligently and it has to be well-planned in order to achieve this:

  • Messages will be received (it will not end up in junk email)
  • Messages will not be deleted (message is welcomed and awaited)
  • Messages will be opened (interesting headline)
  • Messages will be read (topic is interesting for the target group and it will bring added value)
  • Links in the messages will be opened

If any of the items in the above-mentioned list will not be realized, the goal of email marketing will not be achieved.

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The more leads you get in your email list, the more deals you will have with email marketing.

Useful, professional content after making deals increases customer retention and starts the repurchasing process in the best-case scenario.

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Email marketing according to MRACE framework

With email marketing we affect the MRACE model’s convert and engage phases. The goal is to get the customer to buy and after that, engage with your company so that the customer will buy again and recommend your company.

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  1. You will get your customer’s undivided attention
  2. You will make deals
  3. You will develop the customer experience
  4. You will engage the customers with your company
  5. You will acquire reviews

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    Email marketing starts with an email list

    Before starting email marketing, we have to find out where we will find both potential and already existing customers for the email list. It depends on the business field as to how the list will be gathered. Where an online store will receive the customer’s emails through the customers’ orders, a B2B company has to gather the list by offering downloadable materials to potential customers, for example.

    The importance of the list cannot be overemphasized. When the email will be sent to a good list, the emails will reach the right people and the email marketing provides your company with measurable results. When people in the list are really interested in your company’s services, you will get tough results with online marketing.

    Email marketing becomes a part of the buying process

    When we think about the companies’ email marketing, we combine it with buying your products or services in the same way as your customers. We help your customers to find the right products at the right time, so that buying becomes easier. Whether your potential customers have downloaded a brochure or bought from your online store, we can help the customers to purchase more.

    Ecommerce email marketing

    In an online store, your customers will be recommended products which are like those products they have already viewed or bought before. Additionally, from different customer segments it will be identified who buys specific products in different seasons. The most important thing is that your customers will get useful offers or products in their email. This is how email marketing supports buying.

    B2B email marketing

    In the B2B field, on average the purchases are bigger. Email marketing is also about teaching and informing the customer. Your client company can consider a good partner for a long time and compare several options. In this case, downloadable materials provide the company with email addresses, to which the email marketing can be targeted. Teaching and informing plays an important role so that your targeted companies will become your clients. For example, imagine that your potential client already knows your products or services and these features. As a result, the buyer has already been the sales process for a longer time and your salespersons’ can only focus on serving your customer’s needs better.

    Design, content and distribution

    Email marketing can easily be compared to traditional direct post, where the letter drops in your customer’s letter box. It must be planned to whom we want to send the message, what kind of content could interest people, and whether the distribution will be done by post. In our digital world, all this happens digitally, when the costs can be saved and direct emails can be sent to smaller segments and more precisely. This makes email marketing more effective for both your company and your customers.