Google Display and Google Remarketing

The Google Display-network is the largest display network, reaching over 90% of internet users. Display advertising has developed in recognising characters and personalising ads. That is why you can reach customers at any point of the purchase process, whether they are cold or warm leads.

Display networks click pricing is cheap compared to search network, which makes it an affordable way to advertise. Our Display-marketing provides sales, not just clicks.

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Google Display – reaches customers from all points of the sales process

Why is display advertising efficient?

Display enables us to achieve both cold and warm leads to our website.

If a buyer has visited your site but has not been converted, we can return them through remarketing.

Focusing on these warm leads produces you the best results. After having success with warm leads, we expand to all leads.

By personalising ads, we can attract just the right visitors for our website.

Display ads can be targeted at e.g. the customer’s age, gender, residence, interests, online behaviour and hundreds of other targeting methods.

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We can target a certain person with a certain action, and show them a personalised ad. There can be thousands of concentrations, which can be very precise.

Precise personalisation enables new customer acquisition from cold audiences.

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What do are customers say?t

Our cooperation has progressed from campaigns to the implementation of the entire website of Point S Suomi, continuous content creation and determined campaigning. The results have been excellently realized at the level of our retail across Finland!

Marko Saarenpää, Country Manager, Point S Suomi

We started our cooperation with keyword search and based on that, SDM built our Ads, as well as YouTube advertising. In addition, we have got a lot of help for analyzing the data and the results of Google Analytics. When someone targets and develops advertising continuously, results increase steadily and the results will be better with the same budget.

During a year, the number of offer requests has increased by 64.7%, the number of leads by 44%, and the number of calls from the search results directly by 36.2%.

Mari Oksanen, Content Manager, Paytrail Oyj

All in all, the cooperation has been great. I recommend Suomen Digimarkkinointi all the time, as they are great people, both their personas as well as their know-how.

They have a sales-first view on marketing, backed with data, and gave us recommendations to develop our marketing.

Matti Perkkiö, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, LämpöYkkönen

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Google Display -ads through the MRACE model

Google Display advertising affects the reach and convert phases. The reach phase awakens new interest towards the product and in the convert phase, the interest is returned with remarketing.

This is how you achieve sales and views instead of only clicks.

mrace markkinonti malli


  1. You reach over 90% of web users
  2. You create new demand
  3. You make measurable sales
  4. You affect the purchase decision
  5. You make your brand known

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