With conversion optimization you will get more sales through your website, which improves your marketing profitability. With better profitability you can invest more money in customer acquisition which will cause a positive snowball effect.

Improving your website’s conversion rate will more likely turn the website visitor into your customer, it does not matter from which channel they came from.

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Conversion optimization will improve the result of your website or online store

Why should you do conversion optimization?

Your website is the core of your digital marketing. The better it responds to the needs of your customers, the better your entire marketing works.

If you want to double the result of your marketing, you can either:

a) Drive twice as many visitors to your website in every month and year

b) Double your conversion rate from 1% to 2%, for example

The second option is conversion optimization and it produces more permanent results with less investments.

Your website exists because of your customers, which is why we completely focus on your customers in conversation optimization. We want to understand what they are looking for and which things convince them to contact you, and what drives them away from your website. We focus on these themes because in this way, the repairing actions of your website will be done in the customer’s point of view.

Doing conversion optimization does not require something being seriously wrong on your website. With small changes we can perform miracles even on a good website. If we improve the four phases of the buying process by only 20% on your website, the result will double, so it will increase over 100%. If the euro that was invested in your marketing used to bring in 2€, it will bring in 4€ now.

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We use analytics and visitor recordings to find out how the visitors browse your website and what kind of things seem to be the buying barriers for them. The visitor recordings show us for example, if filling out a long request form feels too laborious to your customers.

20 % of your website’s subpages bring 80% of the overall result. We figure out what these pages are and lead your customers to move to these pages often.

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Conversion optimization according to MRACE framework

Conversion optimization has an influence on the MRACE frameworks’ act and convert phases. In the act phase, we make it easier for the customer to navigate in your website and in the convert phase, we remove the buying barriers from your website.

At the beginning of the project, we will figure out what the biggest pain points of your website are and how we can improve the overall customer experience. Therefore, we do a comprehensive audition to your website to collect quantitative and qualitative information about the actions of your website visitors. As a result, you will get a strategy where we will present concrete development suggestions about how the usability of your website could be improved, as well as what kind of content and technical challenges we have found.

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  1. Develop the conversion rate of your website
  2. Generate more leads
  3. Increase the marketing ROI
  4. Guide your customers to the desired page
  5. By developing your website you develop your whole marketing

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