Your company’s website is the basis for your digital marketing. The better your website works technically and in terms of content, the more effectively it generates leads and sales regardless of where the website traffic came from.

The website determines the first impressions. Therefore, it has to be stylish and content rich so visitors turn into leads and leads into customers.

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Do you want websites that provide more sales than your current websites, which also looks good on mobile?

Why should you invest in your website?

A bad website is like a bad seller. It convinces the customer that it is not recommendable to cooperate with this company.

On the other hand, a good website is like a good seller. A good website is clear and smart when they build confidence in your company. The website is pleasant to use for customers, because the website seems light and spacious. In this way, the customers find what they came for and they move onto contacting you or making a purchase.

Studies show that one second extra delay in the website’s downloading time, increases the number of customers who leave the website by 7%. This is something you do not want, and that is why we invest heavily in the technical implementation of the website so that the website works optimally on all devices.

The website is the core of your digital marketing because every marketing channel leads visitors to your website. If your website does not work in the desired way, your marketing does not work either.

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Your website gives off the first impression of your company to your customers. If your website is smart and easy to use, the idea of cooperating with you seems to be easier.

Customers find what they are looking for from a light and spacious website, as well as when they spend a longer time on the website. The more time customers spend on your website, the more they read about you being the best partner for them.

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Websites that we have done

Maansiirto Harry Mäkelä

M package, B2B

From a brand strategy to code. We planned the website’s layout based on our brand strategy that is made by us, we executed the technical implementation and created content for the website which serves customers.

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KotiSun Oy

M package, B2c

We executed the technical implementation based on the customer’s layout plan.

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Taito Shop

Online store

We did the online store website design, technical implementation, and content of the website’s category pages for our customer.

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M package, B2C

We did the website’s layout and technical implementation of a company that makes cartoon videos.

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Website according to the MRACE framework

Websites affects the whole MRACE model

Some websites provide more sales than others, even if both websites offer the same service. Where does this come from?

A website that provides more sales is designed in such a way that it leads the customer through the precisely built buying journey towards the purchase. We create this kind of website for you.

mrace markkinonti malli

We create the website with a user-friendly WordPress system.

WordPress is an open-source publishing system. This means that using the source is free. There is a large audience behind WordPress, which continuously develops the system and creates new features.

WordPress is easy to use. Thanks to that, you can update the content of your website by yourself, and you do not need to contact the system administration because of all the small changes. WordPress has a very extensive user manager, which ensures that only the right people among your organization can make changes to your website. Therefore, it is very secure.

When the website is done through WordPress you are ready for future changes. From simple websites to complex online stores and intranet solutions, they can all be implemented with WordPress. When a few technical changes to your website will be done, WordPress websites support the requirements set by GDPR. We build customer-oriented websites for companies, which are based on your business goals to support your sales!


How does website project proceed?

Project in brief:

    1. Starting meeting, where our common guidelines will be agreed upon
    2. We make a structure plan
    3. Meeting, where we go through the structure plan of the website
    4. We make a layout plan
    5. Meeting, where we go through the layout plan
    6. We agree on the publication date of the website
    7. We build the website until the end
    8. Our copywriters write the website’s content
    9. We go through the website once again before the publication, just in case, considering the possible changes you still want
    10. We publish the website on the agreed date

When there are constant meetings, you can actively share your thoughts and opinions in regard to the project progress. In this way, we can develop the project together and make possible changes during the project.

You have the best knowledge of your business and that is why your opinion comes first. On the other hand, we have the best knowledge about which kind of website brings you sales as a marketing agency.

When we combine our know-how, your website will become a suitable sales machine for your style, which makes your company look like a professional and attractive partner, what it is for sure!

Should website work in mobile also?

Around 52% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices worldwide. Therefore, it is very important that your website is pleasant to use on mobile devices as well, otherwise all mobile device users are gone and sales are not made as much as possible.

We always build a website that works perfectly on mobile, tablet, and computer.

Do changes cost after the project?

When we publish your website, we have gone through your website together and ensured that everything works. If any challenges appear that rely on us, we will fix them for free immediately.

Because of the user-friendliness of WordPress you can do smaller changes by yourself in the future, like add text, images, or pages. Therefore, you are not dependent on us, but when needed you can always ask for help.


      1. You increase your sales through the purchase journeys that are built on your website
      2. You build confidence in your customers and create a professional image of your company
      3. You ensure that your website is not a barrier for your growth, but it is an enabler
      4. You will be found higher in search results
      5. Your brand looks good

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