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YouTube is the second most popular website and the second biggest search engine in the world. YouTube videos are watched more than videos in Facebook and Netflix combined, which is why you can be sure that YouTube advertising reaches the desired target group with the correct view volumes as well as accurate audience targeting – even at a low price.

With YouTube marketing you create new interests, generate new leads as well as customers, and develop your brand.

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Utilize YouTube advertising concretely to show the audience, while your competitors only use text

Why is YouTube marketing effective?

People watch more YouTube videos than Netflix and Facebook videos combined. In addition, YouTube is owned by Google, which is why YouTube videos are more often shown in the Google’s top search results. Therefore, you will certainly reach your target group, making it already a significant reason to start YouTube advertising.

Your company will benefit from YouTube advertising in three ways.

  1. You increase your brand awareness with brand advertising and strengthen your brand by communicating your organizational values and mission. In this case, the video should be focused on storytelling.
  2. You can also do pure product or service advertising. For example, if you are launching a new product or service, you can reach large customer masses very cost-effectively through YouTube.
  3. You can implement leads generation with educational and informative video advertising. The most suitable advertising forms for generating leads are webinars, new content, downloadable materials, or online store’s seasonal campaigns. In these forms, the videos should be short and call-to-actions should be very clear.
  4. With remarketing, we strongly engage your customers with your brand and keep you in the minds of the audience who are still considering their purchase decisions. Data that we get through YouTube advertising can also be combined with Display advertising, and your overall marketing activities will become even more seamless. Certain display advertising can be shown to people who have watched certain YouTube advertisement.

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YouTube advertisements will be shown only one at the time, so that you can tell your customer exactly what you want the customer to know. What kind of elevator speech will earn your customer’s attention so that they will watch the video until the end?

A YouTube video alone seldomly brings results. Therefore, the customer should be led from advertisement to the website, which leads the customer to take the next steps. If your website and its content do not work and the customer do not take the desired steps, advertising will not bring results.

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What our customers say

We started our cooperation with keyword search and based on that, SDM built our Ads as well as YouTube advertising. In addition, they have helped us a lot with analyzing the data and results of Google Analytics. When someone focuses and continuously develops advertising, the results increase steadily and the results will be better with the same budget.

During a year, the number of offer requests has increased by 64,7%, the number of leads by 44%, and the number of calls from the search results directly by 36,2%.

Mari Oksanen, Content Manager, Paytrail Oyj

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YouTube advertising according to the MRACE framework

YouTube advertising affects the Reach and Convert phases of the MRACE framework, because with YouTube you create new interest in new target groups (Reach), and with remarketing you can direct warm audiences toward conversion (Convert).

We recommend starting advertising with warm audiences because the results from them are better, almost without exception. Warm audiences can be people who have visited your website, downloaded a guide, reacted to your advertising, or asked for an offer.

When advertising is already profitable with warm audiences, you should start to scale it to cold audiences so that you can create new demand and collect a new customer base.

Therefore, YouTube advertising is a systematic entirety, which should be systematically built.

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  1. Catch your customer’s undivided attention
  2. Utilize extremely accurate targeting
  3. Create new interest in your company
  4. Generate leads
  5. Develop your brand

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    We have worked with search engine optimization for ten years and based on that, we have developed successful optimization strategies. Our optimization strategies are based on outstanding content- and technical changes of the website. In this way, we ensure that search engine visibility will also last after the campaign.

    Search engine optimization is constantly changing, and we follow its development closely daily. We are hungry to test different kind of theories and we want to stay at the top of development.

    Our principle is to work according to Google’s recommendations. Therefore, we do not risk the search engine visibility of our customers by breaking Google’s rules. We produce our reports exact and at the right time. With similar accuracy, we also produce trackable results, so you can see exactly where you spend your money and what you get from it.

    It is proven that we provide profitable search engine optimization in Finland. We are happy to help you with reaching your customers and developing your marketing.