Digital Marketing Strategy: Create a Strategy, Put it into Practice, Sell More

Is your business struggling to see results good enough despite investing in marketing?

The reason could be simpler than you think: Your marketing strategy isn’t translating into practical, tactical marketing.

It’s a common problem for many businesses. A brilliant marketing strategy, packed with insights and innovative ideas, somehow fails to convert into effective tactics. Even the most promising marketing strategy can fall flat without tactical implementation, leaving you without the results you hoped for.

Get your strategy off the paper and into the market to achieve measurable business growth.

Learn how to bridge the gap between strategic planning and tactical execution with this comprehensive digital marketing guide. Discover how to integrate these two critical marketing elements seamlessly to drive measurable business results.

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Backed by academic research and tested by a Nordic award-winning digital marketing agency.

Our approach is more than just theory. It’s grounded in solid academic research at the university level, ensuring that the strategies and techniques you learn are proven to be effective. All techniques and strategies are tested by one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the Nordics.

This book takes the guesswork out of digital marketing, providing you with actionable steps backed by scientific evidence.

Buying processes are becoming digital, so businesses must also change to sell their services better online. You will learn what factors to consider at the business level in this change and how to support this change with marketing.

This book provides a concrete model for planning, implementing, and managing marketing:

  1. A 7-part model for creating a marketing strategy that supports the company’s business objectives and responds to the competitive situation.
  2. A proven way to lead the company into the digital sales era and exploit the change in purchasing behavior brought about by digitalization.
  3. A transparent marketing model, chosen as the best in Finland, to guide the implementation of the strategy (MRACE®-model)
  4. A perspective based on 20 years of research on how marketing must change when customers’ buying behavior and the industry’s competitive situation change
  5. A comprehensive operating model that facilitates the conversation between the company’s management, sales, and marketing

“Now that customers are rapidly going digital, the experience and service must also move there. This book tells you how it happens.”

– Heikki Karjaluoto, Professor of Marketing and Leader of the Digital Marketing and Communication Research Group, University of Jyväskylä

You will learn what successful marketing requires.

The marketing results can be ruined when the management team locks in the wrong marketing strategy for the company.

That’s why the book’s content is based on two different models.

#1 The first model helps you create a C-level marketing strategy, that aligns with the company’s business goals, competitive situation, changes in customer behavior, and technological development.

This model also allows the company to redefine its strategy when the company, industry, or competitive situation encounters change.

#2 The second model guides the implementation of the strategy and measures its sales growthThis model is the MRACE®, chosen as the best marketing model in Finland.

Together, these models help the company:

  1. Create a winning marketing strategy
  2. Increase the conversation between management, sales, and marketing
  3. Take its business to the era of digital sales we live in.

You should read this book if you identify yourself from one of the four points.

#1 The book is written for you if you work daily with marketing or sales – whether your tasks are management or practical work.

#2 The book is written for you if you want a better understanding of how marketing helps a company reach its business goals.

#3 The book is written for you if you realize that your customers’ behavior is constantly changing, their level of demand is constantly increasing, your competitors are constantly reacting to your marketing, and standing out is getting more complex. Still, your opportunities to respond to these challenges with correctly done marketing are now better than ever.

#4 The book is written for you if you understand the importance of marketing as a driver of company growth. We know you understand this because otherwise, you wouldn’t be on this page. Therefore, this book is written just for you.

The book combines the expertise of Finland’s top digital agency and the leading researchers and teachers in the field.

Kimmo Pulkka

Joel Mero

Heikki Karjaluoto

Niko Lahtinen

Niko Lahtinen is one of the main owners and the CCO of SDM marketing agency. He has productized numerous digital marketing services that have brought results and significant growth to the Finnish business sector.

Kimmo Pulkka is a shareholder and marketing strategist at SDM marketing agency. He has nearly a decade of experience in strategic and tactical digital marketing work in both start-ups and listed companies.

Heikki Karjaluoto is a Professor of Marketing at the University of Jyväskylä’s School of Business and Economics and the leader of the digital marketing and communication research group. He has studied and taught digital marketing for about 20 years.

Joel Mero is an Associate Professor at the University of Jyväskylä’s School of Business and Economics. He has studied digital marketing for ten years and is well-versed in how companies utilize data and technology in marketing decision-making.

The book’s strategy model is excellent for creating a marketing strategy, but also for its updating and redefining.

– Niko Lahtinen, CCO, SDM marketing agency

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