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With Facebook marketing we bring buying customers to your website and generate high-quality leads to your sales team’s desks and increase your sales. Facebook marketing is one of the most effective ways to get new demand for your product or service.

Facebook provides low-cost views, the best artificial intelligence of markets, the most accurate target options of markets, nearly three million Finnish users, as well as a globally scaled advertising platform.

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Facebook marketing generates leads and sales, and creates demand for your service in new target groups.

Why is Facebook marketing useful?

Facebook marketing has become very popular in marketing strategies, and not in vain; Facebook marketing is a very effective tool for acquiring new customers.

Facebook marketing fits all companies, but it is especially useful for companies that operate nationwide or even worldwide. This results from us utilizing artificial intelligence in Facebook marketing which requires volume for learning.

On the other hand, Facebook marketing provides excellent solutions to targeting based customer lists for B2B companies, which is why at the end of the day, a small target group is not a problem.

Facebook also works great for finding a right kind of message for the target group. The data shows us directly which advertisements are working. If your service provides benefit X and Y for your customer, we can test which one of these approaches works better for your target group. This can develop your company’s whole marketing approach into a better direction.

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We generate high-quality leads for your sales team, and they do not need to do cold calls anymore.

Whether your company is an online store that sells products which cost 10 €, or a company that sells B2B entireties worth 10.000 €, we can increase the number of your deals. You get your products in front of the eyes of your desired target group and you can take an advantage of machine learning when you have achieved the required purchase volume

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What our customers say

Suomen Digimarkkinointi generated leads from Facebook during the year 2017, which brought us a 7-figure sum of sales. Facebook marketing ROI went up 3869%

Matti Perkkiö, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, LämpöYkkönen Oy

Digital marketing directed potential customers from Facebook to our offer request page. The goal was to get people to leave an offer request.

As a result, the whole tractor series was sold out in one month and we got more offer requests than we got from any other campaign in 2017.


Kimmo Kokkonen, Markkinointipäällikkö, AGCO Suomi Oy

Our cooperation project is still halfway, but the number of visitors and visibility have increased enormously already. Our website’s organic traffic increased by 97% during half a year, so it almost doubled because of search engine optimization.

Kasperi Leppänen, CMO, Prima-rakentajat Oy

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Facebook marketing according to the MRACE framework

With Facebook marketing we affect the whole MRACE model from the first moments of marketing until engaging of the customer.

In the last three years, we have made sales with millions of euros with the help of this model, both sales organizations and online stores.

The core of our model is a comprehensive social media strategy, which helps us to research your business industry, competitors, as well as create buying personas for you. When we know your buying personas’ buying processes, we can create content, alignments, and aspects of advertising around these processes. Because of that, the customers experience of your marketing is already helpful from the first ad, when it is not a pushing sales speech, but rather a service that truly helps the customer.

We also take advantage of Facebook’s algorithms, artificial intelligence, and the Smartly tool.

mrace markkinonti malli



How much does Facebook marketing cost?

The cost of Facebook marketing can be divided into two parts: work and media. The media budget goes to Facebook, and work is the cost that is spent on marketing work. Of course, you can do the work by yourself when you only pay for media, if you do not calculate any value for your work.

Regarding the media budget, the rule of thumb can be considered that 100 views on a Facebook feed costs 7 euros in Finland. Often this estimation is a little bit too high if advertising is done well, which is a good starting point.

It is also remarkable that the price is varies a lot within Facebook depending on how good your content is. While one content for the same target group costs 15 euros per 1000 views, another pays only for 2 euros per 1000 views. This is only because of people who like to spend more time on certain content rather than some other content. All in all, Facebook awards its advertisers for good content.

How do I get more likes to my Facebook page?

Your Facebook page will naturally be liked while doing Facebook advertising, but you can also generate more people to like your page through paid advertising. However, acquiring people who like your page with paid advertising is rarely recommendable because the number of likes do not guarantee visibility, unlike a couple of years ago.

Generally, getting likes should not be the number one goal, but rather a thing that comes through other successful activities.

What are the costs of Facebook marketing?

Many also ask about the general costs of Facebook marketing. In practice, Facebook only provides a little visibility for companies for free, which is why companies have to pay for the visibility. You can choose to pay for the video’s views, link clicks, or times of views. Regardless, you have to pay for your advertisement to be shown on Facebook.

How can I target advertising to people who have visited the website?

This is possible through Facebook pixel. Essentially, you collect data from your website, and after that you create a modified target group of people who visited the website in the advertisements control panel or power editor.

What kind of ways are there for targeting on Facebook?

You can target very precisely on Facebook almost down to the details of the colors of one’s pet. Targeting is not as accurate in Finland as it is in USA, where you can target content based on one’s credit card, income level, or apartment’s value. However, there are very interesting ways to target the content in Finland, such as parenthood, education, job, gender, place, language, relationship, interests, and so on.

However, Facebook’s algorithm is planned for big markets, e.g. USA, which has to be considered while marketing in Finland. The algorithm is most effective in large target audiences consisting of 500.000- 1 million people, which is why you should often include people in your target audience, even when they are not a part of the main target group and produce the right kind of content.

How quickly can you see the results of Facebook marketing?

This depends on the situation. In some cases, within hours, but in some cases, within years. It strongly depends on what will be reached, what metrics are used, and what the starting point is.

The most relevant part is that the results will be measured from the beginning and the direction is right at all times. Often, the results are seen from the beginning but getting profitable marketing can take months. This is why we commit to Facebook marketing with new customer for 4 months because it is often a time span, which provides us with enough information and we can make conclusions about whether Facebook marketing is profitable for the company.

Are my customers on Facebook?

If your customers are between 25-50 years of age, you will reach the majority on Facebook. Additionally, people between 50-65 will be reached effectively on Facebook. Also 18-25 years old people can be reached on Instagram, a subsidiary platform of Facebook, which is why you can do advertising directly through Facebook.

So in general, it can be said that if your customers belong to these age groups, they will be found on Facebook.

How do I get visibility for my Facebook post?

Facebook posts get some visibility for free, depending on how many people like it. Often it is recommendable for companies to sponsor their posts with a few euros. This is most easily done through the “advertise post” button.

Is it profitable for my company to do Facebook marketing?

If your target group belongs to the above-mentioned demographics, and earlier you answered yes to all of the questions in the check list, you should do Facebook marketing. If you are not sure for all of the questions yet, but the demographics fit, you should probably at least start to plan Facebook marketing. It is not necessarily the right time for your company to start Facebook marketing, but if you have the resources you can definitely get results with Facebook marketing.

A Facebook campaign is a good way to try Facebook marketing with smaller volume at first, if you need marketing for an event or something else.


  1. Create new demand
  2. Generate sales-ready leads
  3. Provide measurable deals
  4. Develop your brand and brand awareness
  5. Engage your customers with your company

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    What all can be done with Facebook marketing?

      1. Facebook remarketing – effectively reach your customers again who have already viewed your website before

    Facebook remarketing is a simple way to reach people who visit your website or who have seen your advertisements. Facebook remarketing is most effective when you can provide a specific solution for a specific problem. For example, when customer visits your website to look for a roof renovation, you remarket the customer to a roof renovation buyer’s guide.

      1. Dynamic remarketing and dynamic product advertisements

    Dynamic remarketing uses dynamic product advertisements and it is an advertising form that is targeted to online stores. Essentially, it is an advanced version of remarketing, where Facebook automatically does the advertisements for you. With dynamic remarketing you can show people your advertisements for the product they previously viewed on your website or that they added in their shopping chart, but still did not buy.

      1. Paid advertising for a cold audience – turn a cold audience into warm leads

    Paid advertising for a cold audience usually means attracting new customers from Facebook. It is very similar to remarketing. The biggest difference is that in remarketing advertising will be targeting people who already know your company, whereas targeting cold audiences serves the purpose of reaching new customers that do not know your company yet.

      1. Facebook sales funnel – overpowering way to maximize results with Facebook marketing

    Facebook sales funnel means combining all of the abovementioned in a comprehensive way that supports the customer’s buying process. Practically this means that we create new content and advertisements in each phase of the buying process, and we advertise to respond to different phases of the buying processes. Usually, the maximal result on Facebook will be reached through a sales funnel.

    The biggest advantages of Facebook marketing are:

    1. Facebook has over three million users in Finland.
    2. Facebook marketing can be targeted very precisely to the right people. This might be the biggest competitive advantage of Facebook compared to its competitors because any other platform cannot provide as accurate targeting as Facebook.
    3. The effectivity of Facebook marketing can be measured, and results can be reported.
    4. Facebook marketing is quickly evolving with the Facebook advertising platform and other results will also improve if you just keep up with the times.

    In a way, Facebook marketing is a combination of TV and Google advertising. You can build your brand and reach big target groups, while still measuring the results extremely accurately. The most important thing is that Facebook marketing is well-planned and implemented to respond to the goals of your company.

    You should pay attention to your target group in Facebook marketing, the customer’s buying process, and your goals. In addition, you should consider your budget as well as the level of your company’s awareness and market in general, because these factors affect the achieved result of Facebook marketing significantly.

    The biggest challenge of Facebook marketing is not whether the target group will be reached, but what kind of message and offers work for the group. In other words, how the interests of target groups can be raised.

    Here, Facebook strategy plays an important role, as that is the best and most common way to start Facebook marketing.

    We help

    If you do not know what the best option for you is, you do not need to worry. Often there is more than one solution, because Facebook marketing is a process. In the process, different campaigns will be combined and tested, to distinguish which one brings the best results. We can very quickly evaluate what kind of solutions you need, and we implement these based on your business field.

    Advertising that fits for your company

    When we start to plan the activities of Facebook marketing, we make sure that it fits your company and represents your company as you desire. We discuss what your marketing goals are and we go through the results together. In this way, you learn to interpret the results and you get beneficial information on your other marketing channels as well, so you know what kind of marketing works best for your target groups.