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With social media marketing we direct ready-to-buy customers to your website from Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. In addition to these channels, we use WhatsApp marketing to engage your customers.

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With social media marketing, we direct ready-to-buy customers to your website from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp.

MWhy should you invest in social media marketing?

We have made over


profit for our customers in social media

You and almost all of your customers use social media. That is why your company should be visible there.

With well-targeted advertising we create new demand for your product or service around the clock, it does not matter whether your potential customer browses social media on the train, at the home on the couch, or while on the toilet. Your potential customers will be found through precise targeting of Facebook and artificial intelligence.

You will reach your customers before your competitors when we target your advertising to the first phases of customer purchase journey. At this point, the customer has not started their active research, but the problem will be recognised, for which your company has a solution. In this way, you can teach the customer how the problem can be solved with your product or service, which brings you a competitive advantage.

Social media marketing is suitable for e-commerce, as well as B2B and B2C companies. We have sold tractors, ERP systems, roof renovations, SaaS services, and e-commerce products with social media.

It is also remarkable that LinkedIn could be the best channel to sell B2B products, as Facebook and Instagram are often more effective considering numbers, because your customers spend more time on these channels.

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If your customer has a problem which you can solve, we will reach that kind of customer before the customer has started their active research. When we earn the customer’s trust, it is possible that the person will skip the competition and purchase directly from you.

You have a lot of customers that would benefit from your service, but they do not know it exists. These kind of people can easily be reached through social media when we create you new demand in new target groups.

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What do our customers say

Suomen Digimarkkinointi generated leads for us on Facebook during the year of 2017, and these leads brought us 7-figure sales. Our Facebook marketing ROI was 3869%

Matti Perkkiö, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, LämpöYkkönen Oy

Digital marketing directed potential customers from Facebook to our offer request page. The goal was to get the person leave us a request.

As a result, the whole tractor series was sold out in one month and we got more offer requests than from any other campaign during 2017.

Kimmo Kokkonen, Marketing ­manager, AGCO Suomi Oy

Our cooperation has progressed from campaigns to the implementation of the entire website of Point S Suomi, continuous content creation and determined campaigning. The results have been excellently realized at the level of our retail across Finland!

Marko Saarenpää, Country Manager, Point S Suomi

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Social media marketing according to MRACE framework

We do social media marketing with a similar model as a sales funnel, which is why it affects your company’s marketing from reaching the customer to engaging the customer. The model helps us to systematically direct the customer towards the purchase as well repurchase.

The core of our model is the social media strategy. With the strategy, we go through the current situation of the whole business industry and its competitive aspects, we audit your competitors’ marketing, and we create you buyer personas and content plan for creating the purchase journeys.

When we know the buyer personas, we can build social media marketing around them and their purchase processes. In this way, marketing will genuinely be customer-oriented rather than just being a sales speech which only focuses on your product.

mrace markkinonti malli


  1. Reach customers before your competitors
  2. Create new demand for your service
  3. Generate quality leads to your sales
  4. Do measurable business
  5. Engage your customers with your company

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