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It’s our job to bring new relevant customers to your web site. We aim to fill your sales funnel with fresh leads and your e-commerce with buyers. When your social media campaigns are in our hands, we will always focus on results.

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During the last decade, Facebook and Instagram together have evolved to be one of the most cost-efficient channels of every organization’s marketing mix.

Facebook’s algorithm is commonly known to be one of the most sophisticated in the planet.

Cheap impressions, clickable ad formats, the most powerful AI out there, hyper-precise targeting, 2.27 billion monthly active users, 3 million Finns, globally scalable… the list goes on. What more could you wish for?


We are honestly one of the very few digital marketers in Finland whose social media campaigns always aim on the client’s profit. You will never hear us talking about likes or impressions. Instead we aim to show real results.

We have studied the Facebook algorithm and we really know how to use it for the benefit of our client.

Our model is quite simple, and we have proof it works. The secret lies in machine learning. (even if it was the buzzword for 2018).

The real power is in your target audience. They always have a common need, a problem or a burning desire that drives their behavior.

Therefore, we:

  1. Seek an adequate conversion or message that has potential
  2. Use machine learning to find the right audience for maximized conversion values
  3. Use the conversion/message and bring it before the desired audience to make it as cost efficient as possible
  4. Improve the conversion/message based on data and results
  5. Scale the campaign based on ROI or other relevant business-related goal

Many agencies still focus on organic reach and report impressions or likes. That’s not really our cup of tea.

How much it costs?

The prices for our social media campaigns start at 595€ / month + VAT.

The minimum contract is for 6 months. We have perceived that the results are always solid in a longer campaign compared to a short one.

On a monthly scale you should be ready to invest at least 1000€. (there are some exceptions, though)

Who is it for?

In a nutshell: If you are serious with your business – you need to be seen in the social media. Specifically, if your potential customers are around the globe, you need to be as well.

There are some points, though. Local businesses rarely have enough volume to benefit from machine learning. The algorithm needs some data to work properly and if there’s not enough people around, well, things can get challenging. That is why the algorithm will work most efficiently if your audience is around 500k to 2 million people. In other words, you generally need to target most of Finland’s biggest cities to unleash the full potential of Facebook AI.

‘Like-campaigns’ belong in the past. Any ‘thump-ups’ will not sell your products.

What you want to see is results and revenue.

Our campaigns will always aim on ROI, revenue / leads.

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What our customers say?

“Social media campaigns run by SDM generated us fresh leads for 7-figure sums during just one year.”

Matti Perkkiö, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, LämpöYkkönen Oy

“SDM brought a ton of potential customers to our landing page – the goal was to get more calls for offers. The results were staggering: one whole product line of tractors was sold out in a month and we received more requests than from any other campaign in 2017.”

Kimmo Kokkonen, AGCO Suomi Oy

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