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We improve your Google Ads advertising with development sprints that are made by an expert and by using artificial intelligence. This will improve your Google Ads advertising weekly, so your advertising will always be better than the previous week. It brings you a significant competitive advantage on Google’s search results.

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Google Ads advertising is realized through increasing revenue

Google Ads is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing

We have advertised with over



on Google

We have made over


deals to our customers on Google

Google’s search engine is one of the most effective digital marketing forms that can also be measured. Turning a potential customer into a buying customer can happen very quickly when we lead the visitors to the right kind of landing page through advertising. Therefore, Googe Ads advertising provides you with leads, conversions and an increasing revenue.

We lead the ready-to-buy audience who are searching for your competitors to your company’s website, because this kind of audience is very close to making their buying decision. Because of this, advertising is very effective from the beginning. When your advertising appeals to a warm audience with the effectivity that you want, we start to scale your advertising to a colder audience with a development sprint as long as it is still profitable.

The development sprints typically takes one month. During one month, we get enough reliable data, for example about which keywords work well, what kind of advertisements get your target group to buy and from what kind of keywords you get irrelevant traffic for what you will pay for nothing in the future.

With continuous testing we get data which helps us to lead the Google Ads advertisement budgeting for keywords and advertisements that are more profitable for you. Therefore, unfavorable keywords for you will not eat your budget and you will get better results with the same budget.

With our 10-person Google Ads team you will be found when your customers are looking for your company or its products or services. As we have advertised on Google with millions of euros and made there deals with tens of thousands of euros back, you can trust the expertise of our team.

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With precise optimization, audience lists and artificial intelligence we direct ready to-buy customers to your website.

We constantly optimize your advertising to increase your budget for the most profitable keywords and to exclude words that have not brought you any deals.

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What our customers say

Our cooperation has worked well from the very beginning, and I recommend Suomen Digimarkkinointi to everyone who wants to get clear results in addition to visibility that digital marketing provides. Google Ads brought us sales increase of 326%.

Tapio Ruppa, CEO, AntiShop

We started our cooperation with a keyword search and based on that, SDM built our Ads as well as YouTube advertising. In addition, they have helped us a lot with analyzing the data and the results of Google Analytics. When someone focuses and continuously develops advertising, it results in a better outcome with the same budget.

During a year, the number of offer requests has increased by 64,7%, the number of leads by 44%, and the number of calls from the search results directly by 36,2%.

Mari Oksanen, Content Manager, Paytrail Oyj

All in all, the cooperation has been excellent. I regularly recommend Suomen Digimarkkinointi because they are a top team, both their skills as well as their personalities.

They have a productive perspective on marketing. Their work is based on data, and with the help of that they offer us development suggestions for our marketing. Because of this I have also learned a lot.

Matti Perkkiö, Markkinointi- ja IT-päällikkö, LämpöYkkönen

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Google Ads advertising according to the MRACE framework

With Google Ads advertising we have an influence on the Reach and Convert phases of the MRACE model.

We develop your Google Ads advertising with monthly development sprints. The development of advertising includes e.g. following and optimizing cost effectiveness, getting acquainted with searching terms, looking for new keywords and adding negative keywords, advertisements A/B testing, creating advertisements extensions, campaign experiments, and following as well as reacting to competition.

Depending on your business industry, we create around 600 advertisements for 200 different keywords and for 200 different groups. When the first 600 advertisements are ready, the next phase of the project starts: namely, finding the best keywords, advertisements, as well as targeting done by our specialists and artificial intelligence.

Your advertising will be cost-effective through the continuous development, in addition, your advertisement will be seen more often on Google. If your marketing will just be built and left alone, the quality will decrease, which will result in unnecessary costs and the advertisements will be seen less effectively on Google’s search result pages. Continuously changing competition will inevitably drive you to the point that your competitors will bypass you.

Our task is to continuously track the results of advertising and draw conclusions, as to how we can improve your advertising.

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  1. Quick results
  2. Ready-to-buy customer flow
  3. Accurately measurable form of advertising
  4. Significant competitive advantage by optimizing advertising
  5. Very cost-effective

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    General information about Google Ads advertising

    Our goal is to provide our customers with the best Google Ads advertising in Finland

    Google Ads advertising means keyword marketing in Google’s search results advertising spots. Your advertisements will be seen with the keywords with which your customers search your products or services. Thus, you do not force your products on them, but you are there when your customers are looking for you.

    How does Google Ads work?

    • We choose the best keywords
    • We create relevant advertising texts
    • Advertisements will appear on Google search results with the selected keywords
    • Ready-to-buy seekers click your advertisements and come to your website
    • This is keyword advertising in its simplicity. The costs of the advertising campaign will accrue on clicks only. You do not pay for the visibility of your advertisements, but your advertisements are clicked, and the clicker will move to your website. Selecting the keywords as well as the advertisements and the content of the landing pages, has a big influence on the effectivity of the Ads campaign.

    Google Ads advertising is effective!

    Here are some reasons as to why keyword advertising beats traditional advertising:

      • Your customers are already looking for you. Therefore, you do not interrupt them, but help them to find your service.
      • Advertisements can be targeted geographically. For example, if you provide your service only in Jyväskylä, your advertisement can be limited there.
      • You only pay for people who have clicked on your advertisement. You will always get people to your website.
      • Your advertisements will only appear with the keywords you want, making your advertising very well-targeted. The basis of Ads advertising is different, compared to traditional advertising: your advertisements will only appear with the keyword you want, only in the areas where you want, and only for people who are already looking for you and your company!

    Google Ads campaign optimization

    Basically, Google Ads works like an auction: the more you bid, the earlier your advertisements will appear. A bid is the same as your advertisement’s clicking price – the sum that you are ready to pay for one website visitor with the selected keyword. Although you will not get a high position for money only. There is also quality score system in use. The better the keyword, advertisement and landing page are related, the better-quality score you will get. Google wants to provide its users with relevant search results.

    Google calculates an ad rank value for each advertisement, which determines the order of the advertisements (ad rank = quality score x clicking bid).


    Advertiser A bids 5 euros for one click and his quality score is 3, therefore his ad rank value is 5 x 3 = 15.

    Advertiser B bids 2 euros for one click and his quality score is 10, therefore his ad rank value is 2 x 10 = 20.

    The ad from advertiser B will have a higher position than advertiser A. Therefore, you should know what you are doing in Google Ads advertising!

    To continue the example:

    Both advertisers have an online store and both stores’ conversion rate is 1%, which means that one of hundred customers buys from the store. To get one product sold, it takes 100 x 5 € = 500 € for Advertiser A. For Advertiser B, 100 x 2 € = 200 € is enough, and his advertisement will be higher all the time. When the clicking rate reaches thousands, understanding of the quality score and ad rank is necessary for building a profitable campaign.

    There are other factors as well that have an influence on the quality score: clickthrough rate of keyword and advertisement (CTR = Clickthrough Rate), clickthrough rate of the whole advertising account, advertising extensions, etc.

    We happily help you to build a profitable Google Ads campaign

        • We select the right keywords
        • We create attractive advertising texts
        • We choose the most suitable landing pages
        • We take care of the continuous optimization of the Ads account based on data
        • We test different slogans to improve the results, often around 600 advertisements will be tested depending on the project
        • We have two internationally state of the art software that guarantee competitive advantage in any business industry