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Content marketing builds the basis for the effective MRACE model.

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Content marketing raised the website to top positions on Google and organic traffic was increased significantly

Biohit Oyj is a public company, whose product Acetium® tablets, is a new Finnish smoking cessation product. The product is nicotine-free, which makes it possible to get rid of the side effects and dependence of nicotine for good.

At the beginning of the cooperation with SDM and Acetium, Acetium’s main goals were to improve the organic visibility and awareness of the brand. Customers considering quitting smoking, were primarily looking for information on search engines. Making it important to stand out as an alternative option for the traditional nicotine replacement products.

Goal-oriented content marketing and search engine optimization pushed Acetium’s past its competitors by using sales-relevant keywords.

Because of the company’s background as a public company, the results of content marketing are not published in numbers in this reference.

The company Biohit

  • A Finnish public company which operates in global markets
  • The company’s product Acetium® is the only domestic, nicotine-free product for smoking intervention in the markets

We were looking for a partner that could help us to improve the visibility of the Acetium’s website. In our opinion, Suomen Digimarkkinointi’s own organic visibility in the search engines was so convincing that they really had to know what they were doing. We were not wrong.

Riitta Rautakoura
Communications and Marketing Manager, Biohit Oyj


Produced services

  • Google Ads Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content marketing

Content marketing forms the backbone of the effective MRACE model.

Effective marketing will be created through content that respond to the customer’s questions and needs.
Effective marketing will be created through content that respond to the customer’s questions and needs.

The marketing collaboration started with defining Acetium’s buyer personas, making it possible to genuinely serve the customer considering quitting. At the same time, it was possible to lead the customer towards purchasing the product. The biggest part of SDM’s produced content is targeted at the reach and act phases of the MRACE model, in line with Acetium’s goals. The purpose of these phases is to increase the number of website visitors and provide them with information about the side effects of smoking and encourage them to quit.

Regular content production based on the buyer personas has clearly elevated Acetum’s brand as an expert in quitting smoking. On the other hand, the achieved expert status has increased the consumer’s trust in a new, nicotine-free product.

From the beginning, SDM experts have been able to write credibly about our specific product. Only minor changes to the content have been made and our work has become easier, as we have been able to utilize the texts directly in our other marketing and internal communications. The same content has been translated into other languages for the use of our subsidiaries.

Riitta Rautakoura
Communications and Marketing Manager, Biohit Oyj

Website rankings in search engines are now competing alongside with global operators

Content creation based on the buying personas is related to carefully conducted keyword research. Acetium’s business industry sets some limitations for paid advertisement, which is why organic visibility has a direct influence on the website visitors. Because of the search engine optimization and professional content creation, our website will be found ahead of worldwide well-known brands. This can be done with the help of keywords, which are important in the sales’ point of view.

Essential for search engine visibility is that it will be regularly updated with new, topic-related content on the website. SDM has created content for Acetium’s website from the beginning of the year 2020. The content that is based on the most important keywords brings a significant number of visitors to the website on a monthly basis. Continuous content marketing secures the increasing visitor numbers in the future as well.

Every product of every customer of SDM is unique. When a content marketing specialist, or in other words a specialist of selling writing, is brought to the edge of a unique product, the specialist will create text which results in steadily increasing numbers. In addition to keywords research, an in depth-interview for each customer will be conducted, which serves as a basis for content marketing. The main aim of the interview will be understanding the customer’s needs, goals, target customers, and business field.

Succesful collaboration with Acetium on content marketing and paid Google Ads continues.

A proactive specialist team is readily available

According to SDM’s company philosophy, each customer deserves their own specialist from each team that they need. In this case, our content marketing specialists, search engine optimization- and Google Ads teams have taken care of the customer. Every specialist’s in-depth know-how will guarantee that all marketing operations will be done with strong professionality. A clear division of responsibilities also enables proactive development work and agile customer relationship management. It is also possible to tackle new challenges and goals quickly.

Acetium’s wishes regarding the measurement of results and reporting of analytics were also taken into account, so that the most important KPI’s would be available for the company as effortlessly as possible.


I particilarly like that SDM’s team of experts is concretely present and always ready to help. Their way of working is systematic and goal-oriented, but nonetheless, everyeone is friendly and empathic. The cooperation feels easy.

Riitta Rautakoura
Communications and Marketing Manager, Biohit Oyj


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