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Alexandria appreciates the measurability of the effectiveness of marketing and a flexible cooperation

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Alexandria: digital marketing for more loan appliations and the best professionals for recruitment needs

Alexandria is one of the biggest financial service companies in Finland that provides solutions for saving and investing, as well as other personal services for its customers. The company has over 250 investment professionals and it operates in 30 locations.

Alexandria’s goal was to redesign their whole website, increase the number of website visitors, and generate direct loan applications and leads by targeted digital marketing.

During the cooperation, new pages have been published and a successful launch has been guaranteed with digital marketing tools. New services being unknown to the target audience has been one of the challenges, which is why it was a necessity to do both an effective brand marketing and measurable tactical campaigning to increase sales.

Alexandria company

  • Offices in 30 cities
  • Revenue around 30 million euros (2019)
  • Around 250 employees


Produced services

  • Google Ads advertisiment
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing

During the first calendar year, the number of website visitors increased by

42 %

People reached in Finland by Facebook advertising

Over 1,6 million

Guide’s downloads and thus leads collected from Facebook

3000 times

Relevant job applications through social media

over 500

During the first year of cooperation, Alexandria’s website visitors increased by 42%. Every year, we bring our customer’s website 100.000 visitors, which is a significant amount of all the traffic that ends up on the website.

Traffic to the website is driven by Google Ads and Facebook advertising. At the same time, search engine optimization ensures that the organic traffic increases as well. Content strategy will lead the content creation and the development of the website.

Facebook Ads have reached over 1,6 million people in Finland. All in all, there have been over 35 million ad views.

3.000 copies of the guide has been downloaded and thus leads have been collected from Facebook. Other marketing materials have been opened more than 13.000 times.

Effective marketing and quick response times have also brought more than 500 relevant job applications for Alexandria.

MRACE marketing model brought growth for the new service

As a part of the companies’ finance business, Alexandria launched a new website in January 2019. The service got head start through digital marketing.

MRACE was the underlying marketing model which effectively takes the whole purchase journey of buyer persona’s into account. In this way, the measures do not remain stand-alone campaigns, but their effectives and measurability in terms of overall objectives are clear, justified, and easy to monitor.

Google Ads and Display as well as social media were chosen as the new product’s marketing channels. The loan applications, which come from these channels, account for almost 90% of all loan applications in the corporate finance business.

Together with Suomen Digimarkkinointi, we conducted a thorough review of the competitive field, after which we selected the most efficient channels through which we reached the target groups we targeted cost-effectively. Alexandria’s corporate finance business has transmitted loans worth more than 20 million euros, and digital marketing has had a crucial role in this.

Anssi Huisman
Communication and marketing manager, Alexandria.

Alexandria values the measurability of marketing effectiveness and a flexible cooperation

The cooperation between Alexandria and Suomen Digimarkkinointi has continued since 2014. Along the way, the best operating methods and campaign forms that support the customer’s business goals have been tested and recognized.

Entity management and continuous measurement based on the MRACE model also creates a basis for development.

Suomen Digimarkkinointi has a significant role in how we develop our own inbound processes. Our business field is challenging and highly competitive, but our goals are set high. We have to understand marketing and its possibilities and develop our operations further. SDM has a strong understanding of how business goals can be genuinely supported with online activities.

Anssi Huisman
Communication and marketing manager, Alexandria.


The number of website visitors, loan applications and job applications has been growing at a steady pace through targeted digital marketing. The most important channels have been Facebook, Google Ads and websites whose organic traffic has been improved through search engine optimization.

The MRACE marketing model enables the management and constant measurement of the whole, so that not measure is left as a single campaign, but rather serves the overall goal. By using the MRACE model, the whole customer purchase path is taken into account and the most effective phases can be chosen, in which it will be profitable to have an influence with digital marketing.


Long-term cooperation with Alexandria has enabled us to dive deep into the customer’s business and learn from it. Together, we can continuously build even better campaigns which also pay off. The customer’s own interests in the measurability of marketing are things that make the cooperation especially meaningful. This is a customer who also challenges us to do our best every day and exceed the expectations.

Ilari Tervonen
Customer Service Officer, CSO @ Suomen Digimarkkinointi Oy


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