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Cybercom Finland

B2B conversions increased at every stage of the sales funnel

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Now Cybercom Finland’s marketing attracts the needed IT experts and brings in new customers for the company

Cybercom is an innovative IT service company with 200 experts in Finland. Worldwide, the company has 1.300 employees, with assignments in over 20 countries. At the beginning of the cooperation, Cybercom Finland had two main goals for marketing: to attract the best employees and to increase new customer acquisition.

Cybercom Finland had identified a need for coherent, measurable, and more goal-oriented marketing. The aim was to develop the whole in an even more strategic direction. Typically, B2B sale processes are long and there is a fierce competition for the very best IT experts in the market. Therefore, operations must be constantly developed with a goal in mind.

The aim was to meet the tough challenges and goals with results-based digital marketing.

Company Cybercom

  • Almost 200 specialists in Finland
  • Whole concern employs 1300 professionals
  • Assignments in over 20 countries

Starting the knowledgeable partnership proved to be more profitable than simply increasing the in-house marketing expertise. SDM was able to respond to our needs with an agile approach. We got directly into the operational activities, all of which happened without a huge starting budget or a long kick-off workshop.

Karoliina Heikkinen
Head of Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding, Cybercom Finland


Produced services

  • Google Ads advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing

The amount of job applications increased by

382,35 %

B2B conversions increased in each sales funnel stages

We have implemented digital marketing focusing on employer image and recruiting with a fairly similar budget throughout the whole collaboration. During the first three months, we already received dozens of job applications via social media. From this, the numbers increased quickly when marketing measures were initiated according to the MRAACE mode.

With the help of content creation and targeted paid social media marketing, the number of job applications increased by 382.35% during the first nine months. This trend has helped to find suitable IT experts for Cybercom’s growing expertise needs.

We have increased leads and conversion rates the in B2B sales funnel, especially with high-quality content creation such as downloadable guides and videos. Content was marketed on both social media and Google at the right time for the right buyers, and the guides in particular have been diligently downloaded.

Our visibility, the number of website visitors, and lead generation have produced rapidly growing results. With the collected data we can focus on more specific strategic guidelines and make reasonable choices between the most effective channels. At the same time, we know what kind of content we have to create in order to generate even more quality conversion results. In this way, we ensure that result development will continue to go upwards in the future as well.”

Päivi Mönkkönen
Head of Marketing and Communications, Cybercom Finland

The MRACE marketing model is behind everything

Cybercom chose MRACE as its marketing model, with which marketing goals, results, and continuous development could be implemented in to the core business.

We have comprehensively built Cybercom’s employer image and B2B marketing. First, we defined the buyer personas in both areas and executed keyword research, social media strategies, and content plans. After that, we started to implement targeted marketing on Google, Youtube and Facebook. A quality content marketing, where we have utilized text, pictures, and music, has been the basis of everything.

Implementing digital marketing in different channels is important for the functioning of the customer’s purchase journey, because especially on the B2B side, decision-making processes tend to be long. With the help of versatile advertising, we can to keep Cybercom in the minds of the customers during the purchase process from arousing interest to engaging the customer, which can take several months.

Through the cooperation, Cybercom has become very familiar with the MRACE model. According to Karoliina and Päivi it was one of the decisive factors from the very beginning.

A clear model has helped to plan our own operations and to understand the whole: what kind of content must be created, which measures should be taken and at what point, and how the numbers should be interpreted in order to develop the business. The model allows us to have a clear common language in the broad field of marketing.

Karoliina Heikkinen
Head of Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding, Cybercom Finland

Päivi Mönkkönen
Head of Marketing and Communications, Cybercom Finland

Long-term B2B sales will be lead with milestones and clear metrics

Because of the occasionally long sales cycles, it is important for Cybercom to be able to follow and interpret the numbers within their company by themselves too. We hold jointly meetings with Cybercom both smaller meetings weekly, as well as encompassing trainings monthly. In addition, we share in real-time an open Kanban board with them, where Cybercom’s specialists can easily follow the progress of their marketing operations.

Through our open practices we ensure that the marketing operations are moving on towards the right goals. Marketing is guided through clear KPIs and milestones in every stage of the customer sales cycle.

Cybercom’s next goal is to bring the marketing of the entire company to a new level.

It is important to us that SDM’s experts are a part of our team. Openness, genuine interest and proactivity help us move forward. Doing is transparent, and we have a feeling that we won’t be fooled by numbers which we cannot understand. The results are clear.

Karoliina Heikkinen
Head of Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding, Cybercom Finland

We will modernize our website and implement marketing automation. SDM has an important role as a marketing partner during these changes, while we develop our operations through the whole organization and strive to grow our effective marketing.”

Päivi Mönkkönen
Head of Marketing and Communications, Cybercom Finland


Our marketing cooperation has put the long-desired actions it into practice. In practice, we were able to create an overall marketing model and processes for Cybercom that fit their business goals.

With careful definition of buyer personas, content creation, and social media strategy, we have built an employer image that experts now apply for Cybercom on their own initiative. They will also go further in the recruitment process, meaning that they are exactly the professionals Cybercom is aiming for.

We have supported B2B sales with digital marketing by increasing the number of leads in each stage of the sales cycle. Thanks to real-time measurable marketing, Cybercom’s team can also follow the realization of the marketing goals. Besides Finland, we also duplicate the successful campaigns into other countries, such as Sweden.


We have done content driven marketing both in recruiting and B2B sales from the beginning, applying our MRACE framework.

Social media strategy and content forms have played a crucial role and we have gotten especially good results with different kinds of downloaded guides, which have quickly generated dozens of leads to our sales. Customer references, videos, career stories, and case examples of Cybercom’s real customer projects have been functional and fruitful content.

It is also very beneficial that both venues (B2B and recruiting) of marketing and utilized content support each other, which is why many visitors move from recruiting page into the company’s main page and the other way round.

Ilari Tervonen
Customer Service Officer, CSO @ Suomen Digimarkkinointi Oy


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