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House of Organic

Effective and measurable digital e-commerce marketing platform

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Productive and measurable digital marketing for online store

House of Organic is a Finnish online store for natural cosmetics and wellness products, which was established in 2016, with a selection of thousands of products and hundreds of brands. The core value of the company is to operate responsibly and the range of the online store is always proven to be natural, ecological and ethical.

They longed for comprehensive, measurable and scalable marketing, which takes the customers whole buying cycle into account. The results of the cooperation have been excellent.


Produced services

  • Search engine optimization
  • Google Ads
  • Conversion optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing

Google advertising conversions increased by

324,76 %

Value of the social media conversions increased by

60,12 %

Organic traffic of the website increased by

18 %

Number of purchases increased by

38 %

Email conversions increased by

486 %

We achieved the goals that we set and the ROAS has been excellent during the cooperation, enabling me to trust Suomen Digimarkkinointi and let their experts make a lot of independent decisions. At the moment, we work together with six experts from SDM and we consider this as an extension for our own in-house marketing.

Our cooperation has become more and more comprehensive, and in this way all channels support each other better than before.

Jyri Linna
CEO, founder, House of Organic

Online store marketing with our MRACE model brings 6-figure sales with a 4-figure budget.

We started doing e-commerce marketing with the MRACE model by focusing on maximizing the customer’s entire lifecycle value.

In order to reach the potential customers, we started with search engine optimization, Google Ads advertising, as well as Facebook and Instagram advertising. With search engine optimization we also took conversion optimization in consideration to make in-store purchases as effortless and straightforward as possible.

To engage our customers, we do effective remarketing on social media and on Google. In addition, we created a customer loyalty program and email automatizations, which were based on the customer’s behavior and phases of their life cycle, which helped us to maximize customer retention.

As each channel synchronizes with each other, the customer’s lifecycle value increases, and the marketing ROI and customer experience improve.

From the very beginning it was important to us that Suomen Digimarkkinointi chose the most suitable expert for our project. The experts have studied characteristics of our business field and our products and they have a genuine interest in House of Organic’s products and the development of our business. Whenever I visit the office of Suomen Digimarkkinointi, I encounter an energic and youthful doer-team.

Jyri Linna
CEO, founder, House of Organic

Results from five-day long campaign in 2020

  • 6-figure sales on social media 2388% ROAS
  • Almost 6-figure sales on Google 5339% ROAS
  • Almost 6-figure sales with email marketing
  • Only 4-figure total amount of money was spent on the media

On social media, we use Smartly.ion Automated Ads, which enables you to create effective social media campaigns, even if the campaign time is short.

Yes, I recommend Suomen Digimarkkinointi as a marketing partner. Their team is professional, they know our business and what should be done. They have clear and distinct working methods.

Jyri Linna
CEO, founder, House of Organic

Timeliness, automation, and segmentation are the keys to succesful marketing

In e-commerce marketing, customer understanding is important. Too aggressive advertising for one segment will drive the customers away, whereas for another segment it might make them buy even more. Recognizing these segments based on data is crucial because that is how we can execute marketing at the right time and in the right marketing channels. In this way, the results are in line with the actions.



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