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Finland’s best sales organization in 2019 + Office of the Year in 2020 = sales funnel 3.0

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LämpöYkkönen’s product specific marketing has led to magnificent figures

LämpöYkkönen is one of the largest companies focusing on heating and cooling solutions in Finland.

As Finland’s best sales organization, they are looking for strong growth. For growth, they need strong marketing that produces ready-to-sell leads for sellers’ funnels.

The challenges for growth include the seasonal nature of product segments, different sales times for the products, and differences in pricing. Products are not impulse purchases, which is why marketing and sales need to play seamlessly together.

Based on the challenges, we created our own MRACE purchase journeys for each product segment, starting from the first Google ad, all the way to the “Thank you for your offer request” message which is sent through marketing automation.

Through the product segment-specific marketing, we can respond to seasonal changes in advance, follow the marketing’s profitability, and increase the specific product segment’s demand quickly.

Company LämpöYkkönen

  • Revenue around 25 million euros (2019)
  • Employs over 100 people
  • The best sales organization in Finland


Produced services

  • Search engine optimization
  • Google Ads advertising
  • Conversion optimization
  • Marketing automatization
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • YouTube marketing

The amount of organic traffic has increased during the cooperation by


The number of relevant keywords on Google in the top 3 places


There have been sales from Facebook leads with

over 1 million €

The conversion rate of single landing pages has been improved with conversion optimization

Even by 146 %

Marketing automatization generates steady ready-to-sell leads based on the website visitors’ behavior

Finland’s best sales organization in 2019 + Office of the Year in 2020 = sales funnel 3.0

The MRACE sales tunnel divides marketing into four areas that help us reach the customer, act as desired, convert, and engage. All of this is done measurably.

Besides the MRACE model, key factor of the cooperation has been the intense partnership. We create development steps in every quarter and together we review every two weeks what has been done and what we are going to do next. In this way, the cooperation is proactive and new ideas come from both sides.

SDM has taken our digital marketing to a new level. We have benefited very well from it. For example, the number of offer requests and leads has increased significantly.

Matti Perkkiö
Marketing Manager, LämpöYkkönen Oy

Product-specific marketing is the key to scale the marketing.

LämpöYkkönen’s distribution of marketing by product has enabled profitable scaling of marketing.

We know how much an offer request of each product category costs down to the dime. This is how we can conduct very exact development operations and share the budget between different product segments if some product needs an extra boost.

Separate purchase journeys and methods were created for each product to generate leads in each product segments. Marketing automation recognizes the leads that are worth to call and leads that still require more marketing before contacting. In this way, sales can focus on the leads which are the most sales-ready.

The basics of marketing and profitable maintenance are dominated by many. However, profitable scaling of marketing is considerably more challenging as the growth of the entire company and its operations develops. We have succeeded in scaling our marketing brilliantly with the sales and marketing department of Lämpöykkönen.

Ilse Grönfors

Location-specific advertising deepens the customer experience

We have separated our product-specific marketing into more local marketing. With the help of location-specific landing pages, we can automatize Lämpöykkönen’s Google Ads advertisement so that the person sees the name of their own location in the ad correctly.

At the same time, the landing pages have increased the organic search engine visibility with keywords that are very close to a purchase decision.


The measurability of marketing and the product-specific segmentation has made the vast entity predictable and scalable. Marketing development is also easier when we know the price of offer requests in each product segments exactly. In this way, development will also remain in order of priority and the growth will be controlled.


LämpöYkkönen is one of our absolute favorites, because we can develop their marketing comprehensively.

Matti is an experienced professional in marketing, so he can also demand a lot from us. It challenges us to create something new all the time and search for ways to execute things better than before.

Correspondingly, LämpöYkkönen has a constant desire to try new channels, technologies and ideas. Sometimes ideas have been put into practice even during a design meeting already, which is a good reflection of the nature of the partnership.

SDM Team


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