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Toshiba HVAC

The MRACE marketing model considers the whole purchase journey and ensures the best overall results

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Toshiba’s retailers got leads and contact requests with digital marketing based on MRACE model

Toshiba HVAC (Combi Cool Oy Ab) is one of the market leaderes in heat pumps in Finland.

The company’s goal was to get more sales through its digital channels and operate as a trendsetter for its retail network. In this industry, the competition is tough which is why marketing needs to be constantly developed.

The comprehensive MRACE marketing model was the solution which helped to serve customers in each phase of the purchase journey.

Now leads will be generated from digital channels more than ever before.

From the beginning, the objectives and methods of measurement were clarified by a common strategy. The results have been overwhelming since the first campaigns.

Company Toshiba

  • The biggest relative growth in its business field
  • Revenue around 43 million euros

Suomen Digimarkkinointi’s result-oriented approach fits in perfectly with our goals. From the beginning they have proactively provided us with innovative ideas. Now our digital marketing is constantly developing, which is directly reflected in our sales figures. Our market share has grown significantly.

Tuomas Talvo
Country manager, Toshiba HVAC


Produced services

  • Produced services
  • Search engine optimization
  • Conversion optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing

Google Ads’ conversion rate increased by

194,77 %

Google Ads’ conversion price decreased by

30,87 %

Organic traffic sessions have increased by

14 %

The number of organic traffic offer requests have increased by

30 %

During the first year, the number of views on the social media landing page increased by

1 635 %


During our first year of cooperation, we succeeded in increasing the number of conversions by 194,77%, and at the same time, the conversion price decreased with 30,87%

The work of retailers is made easier when the customer can be taught already at the information retrieval stage, with the help of high-quality content, for example.

Search engine optimization

New content has been created and old pages have been optimized with the help of keyword research and content planning.

After the first 10 months, the local specific service website sessions increased by 56%. New users landed on these pages + 60% and offer requests increased by 20%. Sessions from organic traffic increased by 14% and the offer requests by 30%.

Social media

Social media marketing has been channeled to support the overall strategy in each stages of sales funnel.

Social media landing page views alone grew 1635% during the first year, and over one million Finnish households were reached with the campaigns.

The MRACE marketing model considers the whole purchase journey and ensures the best overall results

As the cooperation grows and develops, Toshiba’s digital marketing has become increasingly based on the MRACE model of marketing. With help of the model, all operations support the same goals and the whole is brightly outlined.

It is important to us to see it in its entirety instead of staring the numbers of just one channel. MRACE makes sure that actions are clear and there is a core idea. At the same time, it is easier for us to perceive what each expert of Suomen Digimarkkinointi does to achieve the goals and why. I have presented the model to other country managers of our company. As an example, in France they are really interested in our progress in Finland because of the great results.

Tuomas Talvo
Country manager, Toshiba HVAC


The overall goals of marketing were highlighted with a digital marketing strategy. At the beginning, keyword research was executed and the content planning ensured us that we utilize and produce the right kind of content considering the whole customer purchase journey.

The conversion rates have significantly increased on Google and on the social media channels, and the retailers generate considerably more leads and direct contact requests. Every marketing activity, outcome, and individual prices and ROI have been clearly traceable according to the MRACE marketing model.

The effectiveness of digital marketing is directly reflected in Toshiba’s sales figures.


Toshiba’s represented business field is highly competitive, which keeps us on our toes all the time. Good results require ongoing measurement, tracking and development. Toshiba’s goals and expectations of us have perfectly matched our MRACE marketing model from the very beginning. In the marketing model, all operations are strategic, goal-oriented, and clearly measurable. It is great to work with a customer who wants to be a trendsetter in their own business field and serve their own retailers in the best possible way.

Ilari Tervonen
Key account manager, CSO @ Suomen Digimarkkinointi Oy


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