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Maansiirto Harry Mäkelä

A unique website and customer service oriented content will give a head start over competitors

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SDM’s services are suitable for all companies that are looking for a great partner, also for their company’s brand content or visibility development.

Simo Pynnönen
Business manager, Maansiirto Harry Mäkelä Oy

From brand strategy into code

Maansiirto Harry Mäkelä had clear goals for renewing their website:

  1. Be credible, especially in the eyes of the large customers
  2. Stand out from the competitors
  3. Create a clear website design so that customers will learn to recognize the company better

We started to execute the new website design through a digital brand strategy, so that we were able to develop a website that appeals to the target customers and stands out from the competitors. You can read more about the process of the brand strategy in our blog.

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mrace markkinonti malli

Websites, which create the basis for effective marketing.

Our MRACE model takes all marketing elements as a whole into account and the company’s website will not fall outside of this model.

Everything from SEO visibility to customer engaging texts have been taken into account of the website of Maansirto Mäkelä. You can read more about our marketing model in the page of Our way to operate.

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The know-how of many specialists combined in one functional package

When we combine technical functionality of the website, visual identity of the brand, and the content that provides solutions for the customers, we can create a website that sells and helps the customer at the same time.

This is possible by combining experts from different fields into one package. Additionally, when all activities are based on the same model, we can guarantee a working entirety.

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